Corruption project:

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(see also 187, 169, 165, 164, 117, 103 on publication list)

The transition of corruption: From poverty to honesty
Economic Letters 103, 146-47, 2009 {Also under Grand Transition project}
With Erich Gundlach, GIGA IAS and Hamburg University, Germany
Analyzing causality between income and corruption in the long run.

Documentation to old published papers:

(164) The big pattern of corruption. Economics, culture and the seesaw dynamics.
European journal of Political Economy 18,215-140, 2002. Data

(169) Corruption and Religion. Adding to the economic model.
Kyklos 54,383-414, 2001. Data

The TI-index of corruption, 1995-2010. A description
A background paper to future research

Other papers which contains analysis of corruption:
The first two are also refered to under other projects

Two Views on Development and Institutions.
The Grand Transition vs the Primacy of Institutions
Kyklos 61, 65-100. 2008. {Also under Grand Transition project}
With Erich Gundlach,GIGA IAS and Hamburg University , Germany
Discusses the relation between growth, income and corruption as one of two examples

Mere hjælp til Afrika. Hvad vil man opnå?
Økonomi og Politik 80 nr 2, 2-20. 2007. {Also under Development Aid Project}
Effekten af hjælp på vækst, korruption og demokrati i Afrika.
Hertil hører:
Appendix 1. Lande og datas egenskaber
Appendix 2. Data
Appendix 3. TSIV estimater

Er der en sammenhæng mellem u-landshjælp og korruption?
Konferencepapir. 2005.

New paper:
Also part of the transition project

The Transition of Corruption. Institutions and dynamics
European Journal of Political Economy online first October 2020
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