Publication List, not including newspaper articles and similar

List appears with most recent publications first.


Papers for the last few years are probably available as pdf files
from Working Papers


The zero-correlation result.
The univariate relation between aid and growth

Background paper October 2021


Meta-mining. The political economy of meta-analysis
Conference paper October 2021


The economic model of man and the representative economic researcher
For Christian Bjørnskov and Richard Jong-a-Pin. Handbook of Public Choice
Edward Elgar 2022


Measuring Democracy. Eight indices: Polity, Freedom House and V-Dem
Conference paper July 2021


Measuring democracy, 1972-2016. How different are eight democracy indices?
Background paper May 2021


Measuring democracy, 1960-2016. How different are the Polity and the V-Dem indices?
Background paper March 2021


Measuing democracy. Appendix
Working paper May 2021


The Democratic Transition the Story of the Long Run
Conference paper December 2020


The Grand Pattern of Development and the Transition of Institutions
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (UK) and New York, pp 266.
August 2021