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Deals with the process of long-run development

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Main papers. After book

(10) The Democratic Transition - the Story of the Long Run
Conference paper December 2020

(11a) Measuring democracy, 1960-2016
How different are the Polity and the V-Dem indices?

Discussion paper June 2021. Third version

(11b) Measuring Democracy, 1972-2016
How different are eight democracy indices?

Discussion paper June 2021. Second version

Net Appendix to both measuring democracy papers

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Papers on corruption on the corruption page

Papers on the religious transition on separate page

Plan and drafts of chapters for book on the Grand Transition on separate page

Spin off papers:

An essay on the Muslim Gap. Religiosity and the political system.
Chapter 10 pp 213-42 in R. Wintrobe and M. Ferrero, eds., 2009.
The Political Economy of Theocracy. Palgrave Macmillan

(11) The spirits of capitalism and socialism. A cross-country study of ideology.
Public Choice 150, 469-98 {Also listed under Democracy papers}
With Christian Bjørnskov, Department of Economics, Faculty of Business, Aarhus University

Background papers

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