Meta studies

The first two groups of studies deals with development aid, see also: development aid

The AEL: the Aid Effectiveness Literature:

The project is joint work with Hristos Doucouliagos, Deakin University (Burwood), Melbourne.

These are studies of the causal link from aid to development.
Our project consists of a bibliography and five papers:

(1) The AEL bibliography (2nd ed),
With Pia Wichman Christensen, Covers 152 papers,
Master list of the AEL: the Aid Effectiveness Literature.

(2) Aid effectiveness on accumulation. A meta study.
Kyklos 59, 227-54. 2006.

(3) Aid effectiveness on growth. A meta study.
European Journal of Political economy 24, 1-24. 2008.

(4) Conditional aid effectiveness on growth. A meta study.
Journal of International Development 22, 391-410. 2010.

(5) The aid effectiveness literature. The sad result of 40 years of research.
Tables and Figures in separate document
Journal of Economic Surveys 23, 433-61, 2009.

(6) The Ineffectiveness of Development Aid on Growth: An update
European Journal of Political Economy 27, 399-404, 2011.

(7) The robust result in meta-analysis of aid effectiveness: A response to Mekasha and Tarp
Journal of Development Studies 49 (4), 584-87, 2013

Long version of (7)
as Economics Working Paper 2011-15.
Department of Economics and Business, Aarhus University

(8) Finally a breakthrough? The recent rise in the size of the estimates of aid effectiveness
Chapter 20, pp 325-49 in Mak Arvin and Byron Lew, eds., 2015.
Handbook on the Economics of Foreign Aid. Edward Elgar

Data-set for (3), (6) and (7) in the latest revised version used in (7)
data in stata format
stata commands to replicate results

The AAL: the Aid Allocation Literature:

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Meta methodology:

On separate page note the paper on Meta-mining that uses the AEL as a case study